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Ecowater of Central California

Ecowater of Central California

If you’re looking for an affordable system to improve the water quality in your home, office, or place of business, speak with a representative from Ecowater of Central California to find out how one of our water softeners or filtration systems can help you achieve your goals of better-tasting, higher-quality drinking water. An Ecowater whole home water filtration system can filter out sediment, minerals, and impurities, extending the lifespan of your home appliances, as well. Find out more as you continue to browse our website.

Dealing With Chlorine

If your local municipality uses chlorine to treat your drinking water supply, you may be concerned about the health benefits- even showering with chlorinated water can pose a health problem since chlorine is absorbed through the skin. If you smell chlorine when you shower or when you pour a glass of drinking water from the tap, contact Ecowater of Central California to inquire about our water refining systems. Benefits include:

1. Slim-profile tank design that sets out of the way and takes up very little space in your home. If you’re worried about installing bulky, intrusive equipment, rest easy knowing you’ll barely notice one of our water refiners once it’s been professionally installed by EcoWater Systems.

2. We test for free to determine the right system for your home or business. Other companies make recommendations based on what their customers think is wrong with their drinking water- we prefer not to take chances. We’ll come out and provide a free water rest, then discuss our findings with you. If your water shows the presence of hard minerals and sediment, we can take care of that problem, as well.

3. Ecowater Systems of Central California is a trusted name you can count on for affordable solutions to any type of water issue. Our name is synonymous with quality and integrity, trusted by customers throughout the Central California region- and beyond. Why take chances? Review our Central CA Ecowater products by browsing our website.

Benefits of Using a Water Softener in Central California:

  • If you’re thinking about investing in a water softener, consider the many perks:
  • Our water softening systems eliminate hard water stains on bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Use less soap when washing dishes and less detergent in the laundry
  • Appliances last longer with no mineral buildup
  • You’ll notice significantly softer skin and hair
  • Save money on plumbing too, by reducing repairs over the years

Choosing the Right Equipment

Water Softeners for Central California homes and businesses come in all sizes, shapes, and costs. Reduce the time spent researching online and call EcoWater Systems for expert advice, tips, and information- or simply spend a few moments on our website reviewing our refining system, tank design, features, and benefits. We’re confident you’ll find one of our systems to be the best investment you make this year.

Contact EcoWater Systems at 800-585-5501 to speak with a residential and commercial water system specialist. Request a free over-the-phone consultation when you call us today.

Ecowater of Central California
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Ecowater of Central California
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Ecowater of Central California