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Hardscape Design Cincinnati

Hardscape Design Cincinnati

At Allison Landscaping, we offer top-notch landscaping for both commercial and residential properties. We are a renowned name for hardscape design in Cincinnati. Call us for all types of landscaping needs.

What is hardscaping & Softscaping?

Hardscape and softscape are two essential elements that together constitute your outdoor spaces. As the name defines, hardscape refers to all the hard elements in your yard, such as bricks, concrete, stone, etc. Softscape refers to the greenery in your yard like perennial flowers, plants, and shrubs, succulents, trees, etc.

A perfect landscape must draw a balance between both hard and softscape elements. Having more hardscape elements can make your home look like a commercial property with too many pathways, stone retaining wall, driveways, rocks, and gravel. On the contrary, a home with too many softscape elements can make your home look chaotic, messy, and more like a jungle. To design the perfect landscape, we incorporate perfect proportions of both the hardscape and softscape elements at budget-friendly prices. Call us today to get an estimate.

How much does landscaping cost?

Landscaping costs depend upon factors such as scope and size of the job, type of service, square feet area, number of landscapers required, location, design, etc. For simple and easy maintenance jobs like lawn care, pond maintenance, tree service, your landscaper may charge you anywhere from $50-$100 per hour.

For jobs of broader scopes like installation of hardscape elements like ponds, water gardens, patios and retaining walls your landscaper can charge you anywhere from $5 to $15 per square foot. Expect to spend anywhere from $2500 - $15000 to install a landscape from scratch. For expert hardscape design in Cincinnati, get in touch with us today.

Points to consider before landscaping

Buying a home can be a dream for many, and having a picture-perfect landscape can elevate your dream home to a whole another level. Furthermore, hardscaping increases the value of your home and can make your home more presentable and neat. To achieve that cool oasis-like look, make sure to plan and get a rough picture of what you want by looking around public and private garden and lawn spaces.

Take pictures of stone walls, patios, and pathways that you like. Make a note of the additional hardscaping features that you want like fountains or brick-laying patterns or benches, etc. Hire a landscape contractor and explain your requirements precisely to him.

At Allison Landscaping, we start with designing a rough drawing of our client's visionary for his outside space. Once our client finds the design satisfactory, we move on to the next step. At this stage, we discuss adding additional elements to the garden/yard like stone structures, barbecues, trees, patios, or any water elements, etc. Once we finalize the basics, we move on to discuss the vegetation aspects, and other special needs like drainage, and watering solutions in your landscape. For the least expensive hardscape design in Cincinnati, call us today. We also undertake all sorts of lawn and backyard maintenance services like mowing, pruning, mulching, etc.

Hardscape Design Cincinnati
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Hardscape Design Cincinnati
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Hardscape Design Cincinnati