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Summertime is a time for green lawns and cookouts with the family. The living room moves outdoors, the adults are relaxing in the shade, and the dogs and kids are running and playing in the yard. Your lawn is where you host your guests in the summertime, so you want to make it as beautiful and respectable as you can. But let's face it; lawn care is hard work. And when you work all day every day, you probably just want to relax and enjoy your yard on your day off without the hassle of taking care of it. That's where the Lawnsmith comes in.

What Will You Get from the Lawnsmith?

To maintain a beautiful lawn for our clients, we use several proven techniques, in addition to our monthly lawn care plans. This service ensures that you'll never have any dead grass or brown patches in your yard. With lawn service from the Lawnsmith in Minneapolis, your yard will be lush all summer, providing the perfect backdrop for your summer entertainment and relaxation needs.

What Kind of Lawn Service Do We Provide?

One of the things we'll do to protect your grass is to aerate it. When your grass grows in too thick, vital nutrients and water can't reach its roots. Proper aeration can allow you to have a nice, thick lawn and avoid those harmful lawn problems. Allowing nutrients and water to reach the roots of the grass will ensure that your lawn looks fresh and healthy at all times.

Another lawn care technique we provide for our clients who want beautiful lawns is fertilization. We'll start this process early in Spring ideally. Once things just start to warm up and that last frost is over, we'll feed your lawn with a nutrient-rich solution, then feed once every 6 weeks thereafter. Don't worry; our experienced lawn care technicians know exactly how to administer fertilizer without overdoing it. We won't scorch your grass, and we won't make your lawn toxic.

Hiring a Pro Can Do More than Provide Convenience

Choosing the Lawnsmith for your lawn service in Minneapolis can be the best choice you'll ever make for your lawn. We've got all the tools, equipment, expertise, and skills to keep your lawn healthy and flourishing. Simple things like having the right motor blades can make all the difference in terms of how your lawn looks. Yet, we find that a lot of our clients don't know that. Also, mowing the grass to the right height can be crucial to your lawn's health because taller grass promotes deeper root systems and more moisture in your soil.

Contact the Lawnsmith

If you want your lawn to be the envy of your neighborhood without all the hours of hard work, week after week, the Lawnsmith can help. Give us a call or send us an email and ask about our lawn service in Minneapolis. You're just a few clicks or a few pushes of some buttons from a healthier, more beautiful lawn.

Lawn Service Minneapolis

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Lawn Service Minneapolis