Allison Landscaping & Water Gardens Outdoor Design Center

Allison Landscaping - We Are Grow Locating!

Yes, it is true! We are expanding with a second location because we have out-grown are current spot. However, Allison Landscaping is a committed Westside family business. We are only expanding - not leaving, but most importantly we are NOT going out of business. We are stronger than ever!

Questions, Concerns & Answers:

Where are we expanding to?
5941 River Rd at the bottom of Bender Road. You will need to turn right, then left in the first drive entrance.

When are we expanding?
We are building an additional new facility and the construction has begun and will continue throughout 2021. So we hope and trust that you will continue to find us at our current location, on the corner of Anderson Ferry & Rapid Run. Once completed – we will be relocating our Mowing and Landscaping Divisions to this new location. Our Garden and Design Centers will remain here on Anderson Ferry.

Allison Landscaping has been a family-owned westside business for more than 50 years and we will be around for years to come and possibly longer!

We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of our success: family, friends, patrons, and especially the Westside/Delhi community. In addition, I would like to add a special thanks to the Delhi Council and Trustees. They have accommodated our requests - allowing us to expand and grow to where we are today. Even though we will soon be located in Saylor Park and Delhi Township we hope you will allow us to continue to serve you just as we have in the past as we plan to continue to support Delhi and the Delhi businesses as always!

Thanks for your concern!

Let’s all have a great 2021!

Todd Allison

Bob Lake