Irrigation and Landscape Drainage throughout Cincinnati neighborhoods

Allison Landscaping offers a variety of irrigation services including:

  • New Installation
  • Addition to existing irrigation
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Winterizing
  • Seasonal controller adjustment

A well designed lawn sprinkler system can greatly improve the health and beauty of your landscaping located here in Cincinnati as well as the ease of maintenance. Irrigations systems are a great way to create a hassle free way of watering your entire lawn and landscape. Each plant has different watering needs and a sprinkler system can be set to achieve that.

Irrigations systems are also a great cost saver on watering. They can be set to water at the optimal times of the day for the least amount of evaporation and maximum uptake by the plants. Each system is designed to suit your needs whether for watering your beautiful lawn, vegetable garden or potted plants on your patio.

If you have standing water in your yard or water flowing towards your home, you may need to re-grade the area for proper drainage. Our drainage specialists will construct the proper grades to resolve the problems throughout your property. We offer a variety of drainage and grading services including:

  • French drains
  • Grading Services
  • Swale Installation
  • Downspout Installation

Grading and drainage doesn’t have to be a boring and unsightly area, try adding a bioswale or rain garden to liven it up. Allison’s has been installing bioswales and rain gardens for years to not only reduce the impact of water runoff, but also filter pollutants from the soil. They add an entire new atmosphere to your landscaping that looks beautiful and helps the environment!